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The Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy Training Course

Everything You Need To Know to Study On or Off Campus

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What is HICAT?

Holistic- To look at someone's whole life including their hobbies, work, relationships, physical and mental health, and how they are maintaining balance and healthy habits in these areas.

Integrated- This isn't just a therapy session where you show up and do the work once a week, we integrate the activities you enjoy into your life and highlight the ones you are already doing!

Creative Arts- These can include painting, drawing, clay sculpture, Sandplay & environmental art. Music, sound therapy, dance & movement therapy. Roleplay, storytelling, creative writing, drama and much more.

Therapy- Something everyone should look into at least once in their lives, not because everyone is unwell, but that everyone can benefit from understanding their own mind-body connection

HICAT allows the creative therapist to support clients through exploring tools and outlets that self-empower them to thrive in and find relief from the symptoms associated with high stress. In HICAT we honour not analysing or giving advice to our clients but using a client-driven system that places the power of healing in their hands. 

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Do You Want a Career In Helping Others?

People are looking for natural, fun and new ways of coping with the stress we all face in our lives.
Local Nurses, GPs, DHS Child Services and even the Beechworth Detention centre, have expressed their desires to use these kinds of services. Our communities need more alternative, holistic, natural and enjoyable therapies.
On one hand, our medical system was inundated with patient numbers they couldn't keep up with, prior to the pandemic and on the other people are looking towards these therapies as a more mainstream option alongside any treatment. 

With more modality therapists along with the amazing practitioners and physicians we have now, we can boost the level of support not only for our client but for ourselves in a way that we build a strong community network, knowing where to best send people from their demographic down to their symptoms they wish to treat. All while having no biases, prejudice, no analysing or giving advice, just tools and a safe space for self-empowerment.
If we can empower people with tools, skills and real lifestyle changes that are proven to work even with small steps, we can not only assist people on a personal level but also at a communal level. We can teach people how the things they already enjoy in life can already be providing a healing and positive experience for them on a physical, emotional, mental and neural building journey.


Work for yourself in a role of healing and empowerment both face to face and online! Your target audience is waiting for YOU!

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Internationally Industry Approved Training Course!

The IMTTA certificate Diploma course for Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy is curated by the College Director of Mind Body Education, Isabelle Cunningham-Doolan, the founder of IMTTA and author of various courses that have helped hundreds, if not thousands around the world. 

Once you Complete the HICAT course, you have the opportunity to join the International Institute of Complementary Therapists, the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and the Complementary Medical Association and get professional insurance.

You will also be provided with a full year of free membership to the Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapists Association and the International Meditation Teachers and Therapists Association.

These are all Industry based Associations that the course is recognised and supported by. Members of all of the above associations can be listed on practitioner directories on all of these associations websites, to help drive potential clients directly to you.

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Work From Anywhere In The World!

You could work in your home town, while you travel Australia, the world or even just around the world online!

Once planning and setting up is completely really doesn't feel like work, this is the kind of career that suits those looking for a well-rounded work-life balance and the freedom of choosing some many niches that make your practice truly unique. 

Not only is therapy in high demand, but alternatives to talk therapy are also at their highest. The choices you gain after this course are almost endless! There are even opportunities to teach the HICAT course yourself! And we will be there from study and beyond to help support your ideas!

You could find yourself working as a Creative Arts Facilitator, a one on one Holistic Arts Practitioner or even teaching the HICAT course itself!


I thoroughly enjoyed this course! I learnt so much from start to finish about such a range of different things, from fundamental psychology to different creative modalities to help with healing trauma. I am very excited to start my own healing practice to share what I've learned in this course. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn about creative holistic healing, there is so much value in this course.


Oh my gosh, I've submitted my module 20 final, and what a feeling of exhilaration, but at the same time, I don't know what I'm going to do without HICAT everyday now :) Of course I'll be planning my practice and then we move early in the new year, and I'll be starting my work. But until then, I was used to doing my bit of work each day and I'm going to miss it. AND I'm going to miss hearing from you! I just want to personally thank you so much for your time, your support, encouragement and enthusiasm throughout my course. You have been wonderful and I looked forward to hearing from you at each module. You're a wonderful teacher, and I just want you to know how much I appreciate what you have done with me on this journey.

Both On and Off-Campus study requires students to attend weekly classes either face to face (On Campus) or through a virtual classroom (Off-Campus).

Additional work is set out and module submissions will also be made weekly. The advantages, benefits and downfalls are on both ends, feel free to call and discuss your best option.

Anyone who is over 18 and interested in a career in helping others through holistic client-driven empowerment modalities.
No artist skill is required as there is no skill in healing. No previous experience required, we will help you through the tools you will including setting up your business

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The role of meditation in the treatment and prevention of disease is recognised by the Australian Medical Association as well as the Royal Australian College of General Practice.

Clinical research and traditional wisdom is where science meets creativity and we begin to bridge the gap that use to lie between Holitics and Medicine. 

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Course Outcome

Graduates receive the MBEd Diploma in Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy and can use the letters Dip.HICAT(MBEd) after their names. 
You become a HICAT Practitioner but there are other titles you can use which is discussed in length during the course. Graduates are able to join a number of Associations and get themselves professional insurance. 

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The Chronic Happiness College is currently supported by the Internation Meditation Teachers and Trainers Association, and the HICAT Association. 
We are always striving to continue to join well known and reputable Industry Associations.

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On-Going Support

When you study with the Chronic Happiness College, you instantly become a part of the "Chronic Happiness Support Group" which connects students and graduates of CHC, as well as the CHC intake group page where you can keep to date with your enrolled class. 

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Please open and read through the full document which outlines all course information including timetable, course length.

Apply for your Expression of Interest and Join the Wiating list Here:

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