Chronic Happiness Kids!

Kids love using their creativity, and creative therapy is great for kids!
Creative therapies can help with focus, emotional regulation, expression without words and self confidence! 

Painting Class

Focus and Emotions

I've grouped these together because as we teach kids about how their minds and bodies work, they have a better outlook and understanding of their emotions and have an easier time in managing them when they need it most. 


Expression without Words

We don't know what we don't know, and it can be really frustrating to get your words across when you don't know what words to use! Creative therapies allows for expression and sharing through more than directly talking.

Happy Children

Self Confidence 

Creative therapies allows them to try new things, achieving them and be more sure of their expression and interests, boosting confidence in all areas of your child's life. They will find out so much about themselves!

Little girl

Time To Explore

What the kids will be up to in sessions

Creativity isn't just restricted to drawing, painting and a whole lot of glue. It also includes, dancing, movement, play, singing and music, acting, writing, sand play, clay and sculpting and a big dose of imagination.

They will learn they can utilise these activities for fun, feeling better, exercising their brain and relaxation.