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Creative Therapy Sessions

The Chronic Happiness College provides Face to Face and Online Creative Therapy Sessions both to groups and one on one. 

Stressed Woman

Stress Education and Managment

Learning about the Stress Response (Fight, Flight, Freeze and Fawn) and how to counteract the side effects with the Relaxation Response. 

Image by Alex Jones

Creative Therapies

Creative Therapy Modalities consist of painting, drawing, dancing, singing, playing or listening to music, writing, sculpting, acting, sandplay and so much more.

Dance Class

Mindfulness and Meditation

Meditation and mindfulness can be used to calm the mind, get into our bodies and regulate the way we process thoughts. It is very far from "Sitting still and thinking of nothing"

Your Goals

Self Empowerment


To provide unbiased, honest and ethical care to those living with chronic mental health issues and neurodivergence. 

To support those who need a safe space to unmask and unload, allowing themselves the express themselves through more than just words. 

To continue to expand my knowledge base in the mind-body connection, brain health, neurodivergence, and social issues concerning POC, indigenous cultures and the LGQBTQ+ community.