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About The
Chronic Happiness College

Our main focus at the Chronic Happiness College is to provide stress education and management for chronic mental and physical symptoms utilising holistic art and movement therapies. 

A type of therapy that is driven by the client and puts the power of healing in their hands.
With the traditions of a safe space to share along with creative therapy and mindfulness sessions.


Learning how our bodies and minds are interconnected and the effects of stressors of life can alter our way of thinking and bodily functions is a step towards learning how the effects of relaxation can also alter our minds and bodies. Changing self care from something done “when needed” to something vital in our everyday lives. 

The most comforting benefit of creative and mindful therapies is that the client does not have to go into their past to receive the healing aspects of them. Engaging in the activities themselves can easily be the experience needed and we hold the safe space in many ways for clients to utilise this. And other activities will look deeper into the details of your life in areas the client chooses to focus on. 

Combining creative therapy with understanding of the benefits allows us to unlock the full potential of greatly assisting in mild to chronic conditions often caused by an imbalance in our nervous systems overrun by stress hormones.

Each client is taken through a series of more general activities to identify their goals, life areas, focus points and the kinds of personal activities and care that suits them best. This way from the start we are on the same page with what we can provide and what you are expecting.



Creative Arts Therapy

Meditation and the Arts gives us a unique space for expression and healing, allowing the client to express through more than just spoken words when at times there are no words for what we have experienced or how that affected us. The arts and meditation can involve a wide range of activities such as painting, movement or dancing, sculpture, play, music and much much more.

Rebuild Neural Networks

Chantelle Van Dooren

College Dicrector

It has been an amazing journey getting to where I am today. My studies in "Holistic Integrated creative Arts Therapy" and  "Holistic Human Development and Meditation Teaching" has given me a near-obsessive passion for the study of healing through creation, self-empowerment and mindfulness. 

Getting to support many areas of my community makes me feel like I have found the perfect place in life. I look forward to meeting every person who even has the slightest interest in Holistic Health Services.

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